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HKCTVDramas supposedly stands for:
H = Hong Kong
K = Korean
C = Mainland China
T = Taiwanese
V = Vietnamese
which are the types of dramas I watch. I sometimes watch Japanese dramas, but rarely these days.

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#yang rong



yang rong is so cute

why does she always get cast evil

it’s her 眼神

but she’s SO CUTE

maybe because she looks cute but also has the ability to transform her character into a really bitchy and mean one in a blink of an eye?

she can look really mean if she wants to (e.g. yun zhong ge)

She has a versatile look, which is very good to have as an actress. The drama where she plays a very cute role was in “Happy Mother In Law, Pretty Daughter in Law” - of course that’s like a copy of “War of the In Law and maybe Virtues of Harmony..”