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"As long as i can reach my target, I’ll try anything that would work" - Seed

"You are nothing more than a murderer."


Cheng Hao Wei Appreciation Post (9 of ?)

Pleasantly Surprised / Love Myself or You (喜歡·一個人) | Episode 18 


Dong Xuan 董璇

Jing Tian (景甜)

Anonymous whispered:
Hiya! Any suggestions for a recent (2005+) wuxia series? I used to watch tvb dramas as a kid but stopped as my parents stop watching. My favourites as a kid were Princess Returning Pearl and literally anything about Chu Liuxiang. I also really appreciate a good romance. Thanks!!

If you search “武侠" on any Chinese streaming sites, you’ll find a wide range of drama series in that genre. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei is a very good one if you haven’t watched it. 

Anonymous whispered:
Are you Vietnamese?

I am half Vietnamese.

"I used to think he was just childish. But he started to make me smile at some point".

Yan’s secret mission interupted by Kobe

Chen Xiao/陈晓  2014

"No matter what, I’m going to see the end of it.
I’m going to see what kind of a monster I am”.

Rise of the Legend <黄飞鸿之英雄有梦>  Trailer 2

Anonymous whispered:
can you please put down some links to watch cdramas? youku seems to have every drama i'd like to watch. however, i'm not in mainland china and it forbids me to watch most of it's vids. :c

If you download the youku unblock plugin, you should be able to watch the latest cdramas on various chinese streaming sites.

frommelbtoseoul whispered:
Are you watching "Line Walker" atm?!

I am! I really really EXCITED for the final episodes this week!!! It’s getting hard to make gifs without spoiling everything for those who haven’t seen it yet. They said that there are two different endings for it, a perfect and regretful one…though I hope to vote for perfect ending one, but like Michael said - the regretful one will leave a bigger impact… but that would mean someone will have to die…! 

It’s funny how my older sis and I compete to see who watch the latest episode first, hehe…

I suddenly understand that nothing in this world can be compared to you. If I have you by my side… I don’t need anything else. 

- Ru Feng