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I keep on getting in trouble.

Shanghai Noir (暴走神探)

Starring Ethan Ruan, Zhou Dongyu, Yang Zi Shan, and Yang Yang 

The feeling of this chaotic anger swirling inside of me was turning into something warm and sweet like candy.

Characters from Ancient Sword Legend 古剑奇谭 2014

Line Walker (使徒行者), EP20

Ah Ting and Bao Seed’s make out session attempt #2


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"The Banquet / Legend of the Black Scorpion"  (2006 - Dir. Feng Xiaogang)

Line Walker (使徒行者), EP20

They finally admit they’re dating!

Cosmetology High (美人制造)

featuring Yang Rong and Yuan Shan Shan


Outcast <绝命逃亡>  Character Posters

Line Walker (使徒行者), EP19

Ah Ting bites Bao Seed because she was nervous.


longshi kissing through time ❤