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"I’ve always wonder why Muk Oh Gor stop replying to me on Weibo. What do you take me as? Do I even mean something to you?" - Sze sze

get to know me || favorite tvb series (2/5)

Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄

Love Cheque Cash (幸福兌換券) « Trailer I « 3 mins

Ziyi Zhang as Gong Er in The Grandmaster 一代宗師 2014



Tang Paradise, Xi’an, China (Xi’an was the capital of Tang Dynasty)


亲爱的 “Dearest” at Venice Film Festival

Actors Zhao Wei, Hao Lei, Zhang Yi and Tong Dawei are joined by director Peter Ho-sun Chan to present their new film ‘Dearest’, a fictionalised take on real-life child abductions in the country




Gun finally succeeds after 5 attempts.

"To be honest, I have a great desire to stop wandering and find something more meaningful."


The characters from Swords of Legends in more historically accurate clothing.

Cosmetology High (Making of a Beauty) english sub trailer


Zhang Yunlong photoshoots

My Lovely Girl teaser

Rurouni Kenshin Densetsu no Saigo Hen (The Legend Ends)