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Lee Min Ho in the new poster of his upcoming movie Gangnam 1970 AKA Mud Has Never Been This Sexy

OMFG! Is this a commercial for a new mud bath in Seoul? Because I swear if anyone can make mud sell, it’s Lee Min Ho!

"Of course it’s for real! Why would i take my first kiss for a joke?" - Shi Ting

Takumi-kun 5 – Ano Hareta Aozora


High School King

The World of Tomb Robbing (秘术)

Starring Ady An, Jiro Wang, Ning Huanyu, Guo De Gang, and Julie Tan

Princess Jieyou (解憂公主)

Starring Zhang Xin Yi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wen Kang, Liu Guan Xiang, Wu Qiang, Ye Qing, Zhang Yi Luan, and Yang Yi


Rise Of The Legend <黄飞鸿之英雄有梦>  New Colored Character Posters

The film has been selected as the closing film for the Hongkong Asian Film Festival and will have an advanced screening on November 14th ahead of its November 21st premiere.

As always, when a woman is involved, even the color of your eyes change..

Magistrate, I love you.



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byakuyako episodes 2 + 3

Back in Time Drama - First Impression


I’m really impressed with the drama version so far. I haven’t read the novel so I can’t really say how accurate the actors’ portrayal or storyline is in comparison, but the cinematography is beautiful and each episode brings out the best of each character.

If anyone is interested in school life back in the 90s and slice of life, then I recommend this. The old songs from Richie Ren and Emil Chow bring back memories, along with tape cassettes, and bulky computer monitors.


As for the love relationship between the characters, I like the subtle affection/romance. I’ve only watched two episodes so far, but there are two friends who love the same girl. Unlike the common nice guy vs. bad guy, both of the guys are fairly nice. At first, it seems obvious that Fang Hui (the girl) should choose the first guy who showered her with kindness, but love is never that easy.

Qiao Ran - the gentle, reserved one from the three guys. He is the typical “second male lead,” sharing the same interest as Fang Hui and caring for her. When she got bullied, he was there to lend his jacket. When she got accused, he was the one who expressed that he trusted her. When she is met with difficulty, he was there to help resolve the problem. He seems like the perfect Prince Charming, in fact, he really is.

Chen Xun -  the leader of the group. The smart, outspoken, colorful guy. Though he might not have been the nicest guy to Fang Hui in the beginning, he got interested in her after he saw her real character - as a trustworthy person. From then on, he changed the way he interacts with her. Knowing that his friend, Qiao Ran likes her, he doesn’t interfere much, though he feels uneasy. His way of showing Fang Hui kindness is very different than Qiao Ran, but yet more effective. He does come to her rescue, but the reason I felt he won her heart was because he gave her confidence, gave her opportunity to grow and become a stronger person.


Sometimes the nicest guy doesn’t always get the girl. If Chen Xun wasn’t in the picture, then Qiao Ran would be an “alright” choice for Fang Hui, but for a girl, it doesn’t necessary mean that when a guy is nice to her, always there for her and protect her is considered something good. Qiao Ran is a good person, but even if he’s not in Fang Hui’s life, she can continue living well without him. His presence doesn’t make much of an impact on her. Sure, he might be nice to talk to, convenient to have around, but if she continues to be with him, she might end up depending on him much more than she needs to. When a Prince Charming marries a girl, he will be more protective of her and limitations will be set. Judging by how shy Fang Hui is, I don’t think Qiao Ran is the best choice for her.

On the other hand, Chen Xun gives Fang Hui confident in her talent and ability. He supports her “spiritually,” giving her strength to believe in herself. He nominates her for position, she never would have agreed to and motivates her to continue while Qiao Ran offered to help her.

I think love is much more than just relying on each other in times of difficulty, it’s sharing your life with the other person and bringing out the best of him/her.


Sorry for the long post, this drama really makes you think long and hard about this, just because the two guys are evenly matched in a sense. 

List Films of Mayuko (in no particular order) :  8. Byakuyako (Drama - 2006)