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雪珂 (Xue Ke) Opening Theme

Xue Ke is the name of main character in this drama series, which supposedly means Snow Crystal that can endure any kind of pain inflicted on it. 

I think this was the first Chiung Yao novel that I read and it was probably one of the saddest. 

Short Synopsis:

Before Xue Ke was married into a rich family, she lost her virginity to her lover and gave birth to a daughter.  Her family tried to keep everything a secret from their in-laws by sending her lover and baby away and concealing her virginity.  On the wedding day, due to guilt, Xue Ke disclosed the truth with her new husband.  It was from then on that her in-laws treated her terribly and her husband end up marrying another woman.  

Years passed and her lover is still searching for Xue Ke and their daughter.  Unbeknown to Xue Ke, her daughter was brought into her husband’s household as a maid.  With all the years of being the second unworthy wife, her husband began to create feelings for her and tried to undue all the years of torment.  Soon Xue Ke has to decide who she want to be with: her lover and daughter or her current husband.

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